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Lymphoedema Care Services

Lymphoedema is a side effect that can begin during or after breast cancer surgery. It tends to happen to the breast cancer patients who have undergone axillary lymph node removal. With a view to helping patients prevent and relieve lymphoedema, we provide a range of Lymphoedema Care Services:

  • Measurement of lymphoedema index: provides regular fluid volume measurement for patients/survivors to detect early symptoms and monitor lymphoedema.

  • Preventive Lymphatic Massage and Exercise Class (Monthly): teaches self-lymphatic massage skills and exercise for prevention.

  • Lymphatic Management Support Group: teaches skills for lymphatic massage and exercise and offers information about pressure garment use and nursing tips for lymphoedema care.

Target: Breast cancer patients and survivors with lymphoedema
Service fee: Fee charged for measurement service
Class and groups are free.

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