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The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry (BCR), was established in 2007 by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation as the most comprehensive and representative registry on breast cancer in Hong Kong. The population-based BCR is aimed to collect data from all local breast cancer cases, including risk exposures, clinical examination, treatments, clinical outcomes and survival. The analysis and research will allow patients, medical professionals and public health policy makers to gauge local breast cancer facts , leading to improved prevention, detection, treatment and care of the disease.

The BCR is steered by a committee comprised of doctors, legal, management and public health professionals and representative of breast cancer patients. The BCR is a member of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR).

The BCR produces annual report on Breast Cancer Facts in Hong Kong and BCR Bulletin on a bi-annually basis

In May 2014, HKBCF launched “Breast Cancer HK Online” (BRCA Online), Asia’s first online local breast cancer database platform, enabling medical professionals’ access to information on local breast cancer cases - anytime, anywhere.