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About HKBCF Founder's Message
Chairman's Message
Our Organisation Dr. Polly Cheung (Founder)
Mrs. Eliza Fok (Chairman)
Mrs. Alice Ho
(Vice Chairman)
Mr. Jackson Yeung (Treasurer)
Ms. Lorna Wong (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Lawrence LI (Member)
Mrs. Sandra Mak (Vice Chairman)
Mrs. Virginia Kwan
(Vice Chairman)
Mrs. April Chan (Company Secretary)
Dr. Hung Wai Ka

About Breast Cancer What is Breast Cancer?
Learning Breast Cancer Online
Breast Cancer Statistical Information Local Statistics
Global Statistics
Incidence and Mortality of Breast Cancer in Hong Kong
Breast Cancer Staging
Treatment Targeted Therapy Targeted therapy in Breast cancer
Surgical Treatment Surgery for primary breast cancer: Breast conservation or mastectomy?
Management of Non-palpable Breast Cancer
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy
Chemotherapy Choice of Adjuvant Chemotherapy
Hormonal Therapy Hormonal Treatment for Breast Cancer
Radiation Treatment What is Radiotherapy
Recurrence & Metastases
About Lymphoedema
Histologic Types of Breast Carcinoma
Principles of BC Management

Breast Cancer Prevention Breast cancer facts you should know
Breast Health Screening and Diagnostic Services
Breast Health Screening Process
Our Fees and Booking
FREE Breast Screening Programme
Breast Health Talks

Patient Support If you are diagnosed...
Patient Support Services Emotional Support
Information Support
Breast Cancer Comfort Pack
Paramedical Support
Financial Support
Interest Classes and Activities
Breast Cancer Drug Financial Assistance Programme Breast Cancer Drug Financial Assistance Programme – XGEVA™
Breast Cancer Drug Financial Assistance Programme–Halaven®
The Psychosocial Aspect
Survivor Stories Gigi
Ms. Li
Helen Tortoishell
Sandra Lorenzi
Breast Cancer Educational Talks Archive 2017 9 Sep 2017: Basics on Hiking
22 Jul 2017: Basics on Music Therapy
22 Apr 2017: The Benefits of Physical Exercise After Breast Cancer
25 Mar 2017: Does Tea benefit to Breast Cancer?
18 Feb 2017: Nutrients in Food
2016 3 Sep 2016 : Green It Yourself
23 Jul 2016 : Mindfulness - Wisdom of self healing
4 Jun 2016 : Hormonal Therapy for breast cancer
16 Apr 2016 : Traditional Chinese Medicine Dietary for Breast Cancer Patients
2015 12 Dec 2015 : Caring for Back and Shoulder 2
21 Nov 2015 : Educational Talk in November: Is “Organic Food” always the best?
18 July 2015 : Ways for Cancer Patients to Enhance the Immunity
13 Jun 2015 : Know More About Breast Cancer Treatment
18 April 2015 : Caring for Back and Shoulder
14 March 2015 : Chinese Medicine Practitioner’s Perspective on Insomnia & Emotional Disturbance
2014 20 September 2014 : Shoulder Exercise
14 June 2014: Breast Cancer Treatment
26 April 2014: Diet Therapy - from Chinese Medicine Perspective
22 March 2014: A full agenda but never busy
22 February 2014: Understanding Different Breast Cancer Testings
2013 30 November 2013: Food and Nutrition for Cancer Prevention
16 November 2013: New Diet Regime for Breast Cancer patients and Acupuncture Points’ Caring
8 June 2013: Diet for Breast Cancer Survivors — Chinese Medicine Perspective
16 Mar 2013: Food Nutrients and Breast Cancer Survivors
12 January 2013: Hormonal Therapy and Menopause for Breast Cancer Survivors Part II
2012 17 Nov 2012: Breast Cancer from Positive Psychology Perspective
15 Sep 2012: Hormonal therapy and menopause for breast cancer
21 Jul 2012: A Simple Way of Relaxation
9 Jun 2012: Exercise and health for breast cancer survivors
6 May 2012: Recurrent breast cancer and updated treatment
21 Apr 2012: Chinese Medicine and Diet after Breast Cancer Treatment
10 Mar 2012: Foot Reflexology Workshop
11 Feb 2012 : Updated Breast Cancer Treatment
7 Jan 2012: Lymphoedema Care
2011 12 Nov 2011: "Spread Your Wings and Fly!" - a workshop on yoga and breast cancer
8 Oct 2011: Workshop on Healthy Diet
24 Sep 2011: Aromatherapy and Breast Cancer
20 Aug 2011: The Secret Code for Relaxation
23 Jul 2011: Exercise for Breast Cancer Survivors
18 Jun 2011: Diet adjustment after breast cancer treatment in Chinese doctor’s perspective
21 May 2011: Will Breast Cancer Recur?
30 Apr 2011: Understanding the Various Tests for Breast Cancer
26 Mar 2011: Regain Your Beautiful Image and Self-confidence
16 Jan 2011: “NEWSTART” Day Camp
2010 13 Nov 2010: Management of Side Effects from Breast Cancer Treatment
9 Oct 2010: How much do you know about Lymphoedema Care
11 Sep 2010 : Body-Mind Recovery through Expressive Arts
14 August 2010 : Myths and Facts on Diet for Breast Cancer Survivors
17 July 2010: Hormonal Therapy After Breast Cancer Surgery And Its Development
19 June 2010: Bone Involvement and Treatment Related
15 May 2010 : Effectiveness of Exercise on Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
17 April 2010 : How traditional Chinese medicine support the prevention and recovery of breast cancer patients
20 March 2010 : A Beautiful Life after Breast Cancer
16 January 2010: What we learned from the Breast Cancer Facts in Hong Kong 2008 Report
2009 7 November 2009: Effects of Estrogen on Breast Cancer
10 October 2009: Management of Lymphedema after Breast Cancer Su5 September 2009rgery
5 September 2009: Stress and Breast Cancer
1 August 2009: Epidemiological factors affecting breast cancer
18 July 2009: Exercise and Breast Cancer
13 June 2009: Decision making in breast reconstruction after mastectomy
23 May 2009: Update on Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer
18 April 2009: Health effects of soy in women
21 March 2009: Diet management after breast cancer surgery
3 January 2009: Breast Cancer Surgery - How to choose?
2008 6 December 2008: Who needs radiotherapy after breast cancer surgery?
8 November 2008: Why do I need drug therapy after breast cancer surgery?
4 October 2008: Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Recurrence
6 September 2008: Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis
2 August 2008: Lifestyle and Diet Management for Cancer Survivors
5 July 2008: Lymphedema care and management
3 May 2008: Prevention of Women’s Breast Cancer
12 April 2008: Chinese Medication and Breast Cancer
29 March 2008: What Do We Know about Breast Cancer in Hong Kong?
5 Jan 2008: Walking in the shadow or living alive: Over-coming fear and living fully
2007 8 December 2007: Who is at Risk of Breast Cancer: Advances in Management of High Risk Families
6 October 2007: Breast Cancer Imaging Update
1 September 2007: Breast Cancer Treatment: When East Meets West
4 August 2007: Chemotherapy – Update on Lapatinib
7 July 2007: Breast Cancer Survivor Diet Update II
2 June 2007: Breast cancer surgery - choice of patient
5 May 2007: Breast Cancer Survivor Diet Update I
25 March 2007: At the Critical Moment
3 March 2007: How to Keep One’s Good Health in the Form of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Free Wig Programme

Research and Advocacy Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry Vision and Objectives
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Benefits to Participants
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Publications Breast Cancer Facts in Hong Kong 2008 Report
Breast Cancer Facts in Hong Kong Report No.2 (ISSUE 2010)
Breast Cancer Facts in Hong Kong Report No.3 (ISSUE 2011)
Breast Cancer Registry Report No. 4 (Issue 2012)
Breast Cancer Registry Report No. 5 (Issue 2013)
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Breast Cancer Registry Report No. 9 (Issue 2017)
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Perception & Awareness - Survey Results
Updates on Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Updates on Breast Cancer Management
The Role of Breast Cancer Registries in Cancer Prevention and Control

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Pink Ribbon Concert with Pianist SUH, Hai Kyung
Deanie SING FOR ME concert 2013
Order Now! Charity Mooncake 2012
Pink Walk for Breast Health 2012
“A Simple Life” Charity Movie Screening - 12 Mar 2012
Pink Walk against Breast Cancer 2011
BLOOM – Professor Richard Yu’s Charity Photo Album
Breast Health for Life – HKBCF 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner
Pink Walk Against Breast Cancer 2010
Melody of Spring Charity Concert - 4 Apr
Hong Kong Football Club raised HK$938,823.24 in support of HKBCF
Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon 2009
“Angels & Demons” Charity Gala Premiere
Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon 2008
“Won Love ideas ♥ HK” Application Grants
HKMA/TVB Award for Marketing Excellence 2012

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