Early Detection Saves Lives

Benefits of Early Detection

Breast cancer is curable. The survival rate for patients with Stage I Breast Cancer is 97.5% within five years, according to research by the Hong Kong Cancer Registry of the Hospital Authority and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong. It drops to 19.3% for patients diagnosed at Stage IV.


  • All women, regardless of their risk level, should be aware of early symptoms of breast cancer and should know how to look and feel for breast changes


  • Breast screening is the best defence against breast cancer. We recommend regular breast screening as early detection and treatment can reduce suffering for individual patients and for their family.
  • The 3-step breast screening methods are recommended by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) for a screening programme:


3-Step Breast Screening 





Clinical Examination




To get familiar with one’s own breasts and to notice changes

Professionals can detect problems patients may miss

To detect calcification or tumours at an early stage


Every month

Every 3 years

Frequency suggested by your doctor


Every month

Every 2 years

Every 2 years


Breast Health Screening Process 

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Breast Self Examination Video