Rachel Bourke

The first one to feature in this new column is freshman volunteer Rachel Bourke. Rachel joined our team of volunteers in February this year. She does research work for the HKBCF.


Rachel’s participation in HKBCF owes its root to her mother, Mrs. Veronica Bourke, a current council member of the Foundation. Veronica always shares that “women should help each other”. Inspired by her mother, Rachel has naturally become one of our volunteers. As she finds out more about breast cancer and the services of related organizations, Rachel understands the importance of regular checkups and early diagnosis. She has even become a “promotional ambassador” and always reminds her friends to do regular self breast examinations.


Though a newcomer to HKBCF, Rachel says being a volunteer has given her a lot of satisfaction especially when she sees breast cancer survivors, volunteers and devoted people support and help each other. This brings her a lot of energy. Talking about things in her voluntary work that impress her most, she recalls having been greatly touched when she saw how breast cancer patients and survivors looked at life with happiness and enjoyed themselves at the Spring Party in March.


Rachel opines that it is very important to educate the general public about breast cancer. She hopes the Government can assist by allocating more funds to promote school education on breast health and to provide huge support to researches related to breast cancer and genetic technology.


Self Photos / Files - p03-s (1) Rachel comes to HKBCF office several times a week to do voluntary work.


(April 2008)