At the early stage of establishment, HKBCF relied entirely on a group of enthusiastic volunteers for the daily operation of our work. Mimi is one of these pioneer volunteers. From handling telephone enquiries, providing psychological support to breast cancer patients, assisting in organizing talks and activities to sharing her own story as a breast cancer survivor (Mimi was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, now recovered), Mimi has devoted herself to every activity at HKBCF.


Mimi’s dedication to serving HKBCF and those in need without expecting any reward is greatly appreciated. 'I am just trying to help as far as possible,' said Mimi humbly 'Being able to share my own experience with newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and comfort them emotionally through the telephone gives me great sense of accomplishment.'


Mimi, through her volunteer work, feels her life has been enriched and has made many friends with her fellow volunteers. She learnt that she was not fighting a lonely battle against breast cancer. Moreover, she has gained more knowledge about breast cancer and found that the disease is not as scary as she thought. Now, Mimi is living a rich life in which she can take on all challenges.


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Mimi is pleased to help fellow breast cancer patients with her own experience.


(December 2008)