Other ways to donate

Support the "LifeCare Movement--Insurance Policy Donation Program"

"The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong (LUA)" and "LUA Foundation" (LUAF) jointly support the LifeCare Movement (LCM), which aims at popularising LifeCare Education and the Policy Donation Program (PDP). The concept of policy donation is very simple. Policy holders can consider donating a certain percentage of the sum insured (e.g. 99% family member and 1% beneficial charity) for charity purpose. For details you can Visit Here.


Information you might need for Policy Giving registration: 

Organisation Name: Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

Address: 22/F, Jupiter Tower, 9 Jupiter Street, North Point

Company Registration No.: 907983

Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department Registration No.: 91/7226


For enquiries about this program or should you have decided to make the HKBCF a beneficiary of your policy, please contact our Public Relations and Communication Department at (852)3143-7312 (Email: prc@hkbcf.org or Fax (852)2525-6233) or the Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong at (852)2969-0277.


HKBCF Wedding Favours Programme

The spirit of love is always about sharing and caring.  The HKBCF now offers two thank you cards for you to share the joy of giving on your “big day” with all your loved ones and guests.  To make your wedding more meaningful, consider spreading your love and showing your support to the women in need!


Proceeds will go directly to the Breast Cancer Support Centre of the HKBCF to help breast cancer patients and their families along the road of recovery. 


For more detail, please contact us by email (prc@hkbcf.org) or phone (3143 7371).