"100 Questions about Breast Cancer"

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) Chairman and breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Eliza Fok, spent almost a year interviewing close to 100 breast cancer survivors for their insights and sharing on the disease, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. These valuable insights on the physical, emotional and spiritual impacts of breast cancer have been compiled into a unique, new publication entitled “100 Questions about Breast Cancer”, a clear and easy-to- read questions-and-answers guide to breast cancer.


“100 Questions about Breast Cancer” is a simple, clear and direct guide providing information in 14 chapters across a diverse range of topics including understanding breast cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, lymphoedema, osteoporosis, food and breast cancer, genetics and breast cancer and more, demystifying and addressing the most common queries on breast cancer.


Praise for “100 Questions about Breast Cancer”:


Chairman of the Hospital Authority, Professor John Leong Chi-yan, SBS, JP
“This book is a public education tool providing important information to the community through survivors sharing their personal experiences.”


Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok, G.B.S.

“With care and compassion the author of ‘100 Questions about Breast Cancer’ shares with readers how breast cancer patients cope with breast cancer, how they face their new image and deal with challenges in their social life. The author’s style is easy to read and understand, she provides precious insights in addition to the latest information on breast cancer. This book is not just for breast cancer patients and their families, anyone who cares about their own health should read this book. Congratulations to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation for publishing such an excellent and insightful book to help patients overcome the challenges of cancer.”


University Lecturer Mr. Ho, Yiu-fai
“‘100 Questions about Breast Cancer’ is special because it uses clear and simple language to present detailed, accurate information to educate the public about breast cancer and its proper treatment, eliminating people’s fears and doubts.”


Honorary President of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, Mrs. Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, GBM, GBS, JP

“This book raises questions we dare not ask for fear of embarrassment. Eliza explains all the answers with a frank attitude.”


Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, Ms. Chan Yuen-han

“I believe this book will be very helpful for breast cancer patients, it has my whole-hearted support.”


Ex-Honorary Advisor of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, Ms. Connie Lau Yin-hing, JP
“Many breast cancer patients often feel helpless and misunderstood. Drawing from her personal experience Eliza shares her spiritual path with readers, providing useful information and explaining the challenges breast cancer patients face. This book brings hope to breast cancer patients and enables their families and friends to gain insight to the patient’s emotional state and how best to support her. All readers will be able to better understand breast cancer patients and their challenges through this book.”


Mrs. Patricia Chu, Chairman, Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
“I am so pleased the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation has published ‘100 Questions about Breast Cancer’, penned by its Chairman, Mrs Eliza Fok. The publication presents information from a personal perspective, explaining breast cancer in detail across a range of relevant and pertinent topics, helping breast cancer patients and their families better understand the disease. This publication helps breast cancer patients - from newly diagnosed to those having completed treatment - as well as members of the general public by providing guidance and advice on treatment options and side effects. Patients can make informed choices to reduce physical suffering and their families can better understand the impact of the disease, alleviating some of their stress and pressure.”


Programme Host, RTHK, Ms. Candy Chea
“There are many fears surrounding breast cancer. If you want to dispel your fears or have questions that you dare not ask aloud, I recommend that you read ‘100 Questions about Breast Cancer’, written by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation’s Chairman, Mrs. Eliza Fok. This book is an absolute must.”


Founder of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, Dr. Polly Cheung
“This book is a treasure for survivors. I hope the HKBCF can continue to promote breast health information and encourage women to seek consultation if they find a lump in their breast, regardless of whether or not it is painful. 

As a breast cancer survivor herself, not only did Mrs. Fok draw from her own experience but also sought to include those of other survivors. Readers of this book can better appreciate Mrs. Fok’s strength of character as she seeks to find positive energy amidst the negative to make life more meaningful. She is optimistic and brave. No one wants to have breast cancer but Mrs. Fok chose to make her journey meaningful, she is a role model for breast cancer survivors.”


Clinical Oncologist, Dr. Choi Ho Keung, Peter
“In our current times of information overload, this book provides relevant, accurate and comprehensive information on breast cancer and useful resources for breast cancer patients. This book not only helps patients better understand their doctors' opinions and treatments, it also helps doctors better understand their patients' anxieties and fears, enabling doctors to empathise and offer appropriate support and encouragement to patients. This is an important book for breast cancer patients and their families.”


Ms. Helen Choi, breast cancer patient
“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Japan I really felt that I would be fighting the disease alone and without support. Luckily my friend in Hong Kong sent me a copy of ‘100 Questions about Breast Cancer’. After reading the book I now feel better equipped and have more courage to face breast cancer.”


Miss Chan, breast cancer patient
“After breast cancer surgery I am still physically exhausted. My husband read ‘100 Questions about Breast Cancer’ in one night and feels better informed about what to inquire about when we see the doctor. There is a lot of useful information and sharing in the book that helps us understand more about breast cancer.”


Miss Amy Yang, breast cancer survivor
“All women should read this book to learn more about breast cancer, regardless of whether they have the disease. Nobody knows if or when breast cancer will strike but in the meantime, this book provides valuable information that can help women and their families be prepared.”


Price: HK$88 at bookstores

Special offer: HK$80 at the HKBCF

Publisher: ET Press, June 2014