“Angels & Demons” Charity Gala Premiere

HKBCF hosted a premiere of “Angels & Demons” to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. The Charity Gala Premiere was held at AMC Pacific Place, Admiralty, on 8 May 2009. The premiere raised funds to support the work of HKBCF in education and patient support services.


Self Photos / Files - focus05_s HKBCF Ambassador, Ms. Bernice Liu made an appearance at the premiere to appeal to the female audience to perform monthly breast self-examinations.
Self Photos / Files - focus06_s HKBCF council members gathered together to celebrate mothers everywhere and support such a meaningful event.
Self Photos / Files - focus07_s We were honored to have the generous support of many sponsors and donors.


HKBCF would like to take this opportunity to thank the following generous donors and organizations for their support in The Charity Gala Premiere (in no particular order):

  • Mr. Chan Yuk Kwan
  • Sa Sa International Holdings Co. Ltd.
  • Dr. Patrick Tong
  • Ventura International Limited
  • Tai Hung Fai Enterprise Co. Ltd.
  • Dr. Wai Yuk Chun, Veronica
  • Hong Kong Imaging and Diagnostic Centre
  • iRAD Medical Diagnostic Centre
  • Dr. Polly Cheung