BLOOM – Professor Richard Yu’s Charity Photo Album

Professor Richard Yu, a renowned specialist in nephrology, has donated his masterly images of the plum blossom for his charity photo exhibition, BLOOM, with all proceeds going to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.

We are very grateful that Professor Yu’s (second, right) charity photo exhibition raised HK$1 million for our Breast Cancer Registry.

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You can also support our work against breast cancer. By making a donation of $380, you can get a copy of “BLOOM – Professor Richard Yu’s Charity Photo Album”. The photo album contains 36 photos of Professor Yu’s masterly images of the plum blossom that have been showcased in the exhibition.

Special thanks to :
Professor Richard Yu
Venue sponsor: Swire Island East
Organising Committee Chair: Ms. Sandy Fok
Art direction: Dr. Leo Wong, Mr Douglas Young
Dr. Mary Rodrigues
Dr. Rainbow Ho

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Self Photos / Files - albumcover

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