10th Pink Walk for Breast Health 2014

Celebrating 10th Pink Walk for Breast Health,

HKBCF breaks new ground both in its outreach and funds raised


The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) hosted its 10th Pink Walk for Breast Health on the Peak on 19 October 2014, attracting close to 2,000 participants and raising a record breaking amount for its services to the community.


“The 10th Pink Walk for Breast Health is a milestone for HKBCF. I am especially pleased and proud to see breakthroughs in two aspects of our activities. First, in terms of visibility and reach, we have set a new frontier – we have risen above the constraint of the Peak and today’s walk as we have successfully enlisted the support of a wide range of corporations offering us multiple platforms across Hong Kong to spread breast health educational messages,” said Mrs Fok, Chairman of the HKBCF.


“In October we began broadcasting our award-winning “Three Steps to Breast Health” video promoting regular breast screening in key shopping areas in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and beyond. In addition, thanks to the kindness of a bus company, we are able to promote breast health messages via bus advertising helping us to touch a wide audience throughout the territory. All of these have been made possible by the generosity of our sponsors, to whom I wish to express our deepest gratitude,” Mrs Fok continued.


“In terms of funds raised, we have also set a new record. Bolstering the funds raised by our Pink Walk are the efforts of our Pink Walk Partners who, throughout the month of October, are hosting their own corporate pink charity initiatives to raise funds in support of the HKBCF,” adds Mrs Fok.


Funds raised through the Pink Walk and Pink Walk Partners, some who have been supporting HKBCF continuously in the past years, will be used to support HKBCF’s ongoing services. To date, the Breast Health Centre of HKBCF has provided breast health education to more than 41,000 members of the public, and breast screening services to close to 18,000 women, more than 7,000 of whom with financial needs were offered the screening service free. Additionally, the Breast Cancer Support Centre has registered more than 57,000 attendances for support services benefiting breast cancer patients, survivors and their families. Donations are also allocated to HKBCF’s Breast Cancer Registry for researches to support the advocacy for better understanding, prevention and treatment of breast cancer in Hong Kong. 


Breast cancer remains the number one cause of cancer deaths in women in Hong Kong with an average of one woman dying of the disease each day and nine women being diagnosed. Currently, one in 17 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.


The HKBCF has long advocated early detection as the most effective step in minimising the threat of breast cancer in Hong Kong.


HKBCF Founder, Dr Polly Cheung remarked, “Early detection saves lives. Delayed detection and diagnosis at a later breast cancer stage has multiple implications for the patient, for instance, larger tumour size, higher chance of positive nodes and the increased need for more complicated and intrusive treatment, including mastectomy.”


As always, Pink Walk participants heartily enjoyed themselves this morning, visiting also stalls for face painting, breast health education games and appreciating the performances by HKBCF’s survivors choral group “Melody in Mind”, as well as witnessing a number of Best Dressed Pink Awards and Top Fundraiser Awards presentation.


Officiating Guest and HKBCF Honorary Patron, Mrs Regina Leung, congratulated the HKBCF for rendering important services to safeguard breast health in Hong Kong. This year’s event was also supported by Professor Peggy Lam, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Federation of Women; Mrs Eliza Fok, HKBCF Chairman; Dr Polly Cheung, HKBCF Founder; Mr Tam Wing Kan, Pink Walk Organising Committee Chairman; Ms Nancy Sit and Ms Bernice Liu, HKBCF Ambassadors.


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