Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry

The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry (HKBCR) was established in 2007 by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation and has since grown to become the most comprehensive and representative local data collection and monitoring system for breast cancer in Hong Kong.


The territory-wide HKBCR aims to collect and conduct analysis on data from local breast cancer cases to provide comprehensive reporting on demographics, risk exposures, clinical examinations, treatments, clinical outcomes and psychosocial impacts on patients. These reports will allow patients, medical professionals and public health policymakers to better understand the breast cancer landscape in Hong Kong and stay informed with up-to-date facts on the disease. These reports will also provide insight and evidence to support the HKBCF’s advocacy for better prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer.


Data analysis and study findings by the HKBCR are published in the annual Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry Reports and in the HKBCR Bulletin which is issued periodically. 


The HKBCR is steered by a committee comprised of doctors, professionals from the legal, business management and public health fields, as well as breast cancer patients.


The HKBCR is a member of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR).