Monthly Breast Cancer Talk

The more you learn about breast cancer, the better you will be able to cope with it. Educational talks for our members as well as members of the public enhance breast cancer awareness and knowledge. Talks feature topics which are of the interest of patients, for example Hong Kong breast cancer facts, treatment options, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, adjustment of lifestyle, and health tips.


Target: Breast cancer patients and their families
Service fee: HKBCF member (Free), Non member (HK$20)


Contents of previous talks are recorded onto DVDs. Members are welcome to view them at our Resource Library during office hours. This service is free of charge. Please call 2525 6033 for reservation or enquiries.


  1. The talks and the materials represent the personal views of the speaker, but not the stance of HKBCF.
  2. The materials are intended for reference, and should not be considered as medical advice or solicitation of any treatment and healthcare service.  Audience should seek independent advice before acting on it.


HKBCF does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content and data disseminated at the talks

Click here to view the archive of the educational talks.



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