Breast Cancer Comfort Pack

This Comfort Pack is brought to you by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF). In the pack is a combination of healthcare items which helps you cope with your day-to-day needs and the side effect of treatments.


We hope that the Comfort Pack will make your treatment experience a bit easier and more comfortable for you, so that your energy can be devoted to coping with the treatment and getting well.


Your Breast Cancer Comfort Pack includes*:

  1. Stress Ball: A great tool to exercise your arm to improve lymph drainage after surgery; it also helps for relaxation in preparation for the injection of chemotherapy
  2. Exercise Rope: It helps stretch your upper limbs and prevent lymphoedema after breast surgery
  3. Heat Pack: It helps blood circulation and makes injection easier
  4. Cushion: A good comfort and support your underarm and wrists affected by surgery or lymphoedema
  5. Caps: When you lose your hair as a result of chemotherapy, the light-weighted soft cap is a practical piece for you to wear at home
  6. Useful information: Our leaflets on chemotherapy, radiotherapy and support services provide you with helpful information and resources for better coping with your treatments ahead
  7. My Journey: A useful logbook to record your medical history, treatment, physical and psychological experiences, test results, as well as questions for you to consult your doctors and health care professionals. A ten-year calendar is also included so that you can record your follow up appointments
  8. Your support to breast cancer research: Please register with Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry and join our research into local breast cancer facts. 

 *Please note that content of the comfort pack might differ depenging on patient's condition; some items may be out of stock at the time of dispatch.


The Breast Cancer Comfort Pack is available for free to clinics, hospitals, support groups and health care organisations for distribution to breast cancer patients.


If you want to order a Comfort Pack, please contact us at 2525 6033. To support us serving more in need, please arrange self pick up of the packs.


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