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Lymphedema is a sequelae of breast cancer treatment which cannot be cured. As patients with lymphedema need to wear pressure hand gloves, or use bandage treatment to control lymphedema; therefore, the appearance of the hand is often

different from that of the other, which affects their self-image. Some patients with lymphedema will be even more depressed and even affect their social life.


The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation sincerely thanks BrightSun Company for its full funding of the Lace Beauty Project; for bringing about a change in the image of breast cancer patients with lymphedema and regaining their beauty.


BrightSun is a lace company which strives to design and deliver the best lace materials to the industry with the principles of originality and creativity. Not only contributing to the design and garment industry, the company also endeavors to bring positive social impact by joining various caring events. The company wishes to provide support for psychological well-being of the patients by a corporate to corporate format, and hence facilitate the collaboration with Hong Kong Breast Cancer foundation.


BrightSun uses high-quality lace fabrics to design and manufacture lace sleeves that are placed outside the pressure hand sleeves. This lace sleeve is not only beautiful, simple and refreshing, it can be used as decoration and set off clothes; more importantly, it can help breast cancer patients to enhance their self-confidence. Lace hand gloves are suitable for patients with lymphedema who have been equipped with pressure hand gloves or who need bandages. Combining both the innovative ideas with the technical know-how together, hand gloves are no longer just a shapewear, but also caters for the ladies’ physical and mental wellness.


If you purchase the Lymphedema Pressure handcuff from the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, you will receive a pair of lace gloves for free. Patients with lymphedema who are interested in participating in this project can contact the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Support Center, your case nurse; or contact the Breast Cancer Support Center hotline:

Hong Kong Centre:2525 6033

HKBCF Jockey Club Breast Health Centre (Kowloon):2597 3251


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