“A Simple Life” Charity Movie Screening - 12 Mar 2012

We hosted a charity screening of the acclaimed movie “A Simple Life” at UA CityPlaza Taikooshing on 12 March. Over a thousand supporters came for the event and helped to raise breast health awareness in Hong Kong. The funds raised will be used to support the works in breast health education, patient support services and local breast cancer data research.


The care and love found in the master-servant relationship in the movie reflects the same spirit as our support services to the breast cancer patients. It is the same dedication that we strive to promote regular breast cancer screening among women in Hong Kong.


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1) Officiating guest Ms. Chan Yuen Han encouraged women in-need to make good use of the screening subsidies offered by HKBCF. She also hoped that the Government will allocate more resources to strengthen the cancer screening and healthcare services for lower-income women.


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2) Ms. Brenda Chow, Dr Polly Cheung, Ms. Chan Yuen Han, Ms Deanie Ip, Ms. Bernice Liu, Mr. Charles Yang and Mrs. Eliza Fok officiated at the ceremony that calls for support to breast health through the fundraising movie show.


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3) Representatives of HKBCF presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Deanie Ip.


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